Photography has been changed, almost beyond recognition in the last ten years, by the rise, spread and dominance of digital capture as the medium of choice for most people. No more taking our films to the local chemist and waiting to find out whether what we were looking at, when we pressed the shutter, had made it on to the prints that we collected. We now view pictures on our phones, televisions, computers and digital photo frames with their endlessly rotating selections. The ease of use and ubiquitous nature of modern digital photography has made us all photographers.
I still love to make prints and this site is primarily about prints, whether from digital files or from silver negatives in chemical baths. The images on this site represent my own personal work from the last 30 years. I expect to expand the range of images as I find more ways to produce prints, from both my archive of 120,000 negatives and from contemporary work. Unlike the other galleries, the People gallery is composed of both commissioned and personal images and are therefore not for sale.
The only image manipulations on this site are manipulations of time and chemistry. Some of the silver prints have been chemically toned. As this is done individually by hand, each print varies slightly and is unique. All digital files are, apart from a few basic colour corrections, unaltered camera images. Any other changes are indicated on the individual image.
This site would never have been completed without the help, support and belief of: Paul Williams Professional Photographic Laboratory, My family, Chris (Widgey) Shave; for fixing the impossible and building the improbable, Paul (post modern ironic) Allen, The Cooper clan, Joolz & Helen, Rick & Pasty, Markie B. All at The Arts University College at Bournemouth, Charlie Waite, Chameleon Studio and everyone who believed in me, when I doubted myself – Thank You.