I first began taking pictures and making prints at about twelve years old, with a Box Brownie and a developing kit, donated by my uncle. Film processing was done in a cupboard under the stairs and my first prints, were made on chlorobromide paper in my bedroom. I purchased my first 35mm camera a few years later and began to experiment with infrared film, with limited success.
On leaving school, I worked for a photographers/colour laboratory, specialising in the wedding and social photographic markets. In 1990 I moved to a professional laboratory and began to learn about transparency film and high quality black & white and colour processing. My infrared images improved considerably, resulting in my first solo exhibition, ‘Lies of the Land’ at Poole Arts Centre in 1993, which showcased my infrared landscape photography. A second exhibition ‘Longview’ in 1999 was staged with two other local photographers. It was intended to show the versatility of silver based photography, in an increasingly digitally dominated world.
In 2004, I began teaching photography and darkroom practice at local colleges and currently teach at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. As silver based darkrooms have declined, I have built my own facilities and produce my own work from there, as well as providing private tuition for an increasing number of people, interested in traditional methods and processes. I continue to use both silver film and digital capture in my work.